Life Alignment Questionnaire

    1. Consider whether you frequently push yourself to undertake tasks that you don't genuinely enjoy.

    2. Identify these tasks and make a list.

    3. Ponder over actions you undertake solely out of fear of disappointing someone or diminishing your worth in their eyes. Or just for fear of not making money.

    4. What are these actions?

    5. Do you ever spend time with individuals whose company you
don't truly relish?

    6. List these individuals.

    7. Are there moments in your week when you feign happiness or interest in something far beyond your genuine feelings?


Write down your answers on your phone or a piece of paper. Then, carefully review your responses to identify the areas of your life where you frequently engage in activities you don't like. Many of us have been brainwashed to suppress our genuine selves for fear of displeasing others, but it leads to depression, anxiety, or other ailments.