Perceived Obstacles

It's best to do this exercise with a friend. If you don't have a partner, email me to request a pairing, and I'll do my best to match you with someone.


    1. Identify any obstacles that are currently preventing you from making a change in your life.


    2. For each identified obstacle:


    a) Find some benefits you receive from not overcoming it. (E.g., "Staying in my current job portrays me as a responsible person"; "not relocating to another country means I can rely on my local friends and help my parents"...)


    b) Try to step back and list some suggestions to an imaginary friend with similar obstacles. We are often better at finding solutions when we are not involved.


    c) List possible actions this imaginary friend could already begin to undertake to overcome the challenge.


    d) From the list of actions suggested, which one can you execute today to commence the process of overcoming the obstacle?


    3. Transfer the list to your daily calendar and share it with a friend who can help you to stay accountable and on track.